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MyTea Magic™

$ 40.00


One week of the new MyTea Magic
Vitamin C gives you
70,000 mg of liquid concentrated Vitamin C

MyTea Magic - As Simple As Breathing

• Vitamin C is not made in the body and is necessary for the immune system.

• Fight viruses, bacteria, Candida, yeast, fungus and mold with liquid, concentrated MyTea Magic Vitamin C.

• Vitamin C can also reduce inflammation and maintain a healthy immune system.

• Free shipping anywhere in continental United States.

  Concentrated liquid vitamin C MyTea gives you 70,000 mg of vitamin C


 • no sitting around for hours to get your MyTea Liquid Vitamin C 

• no needles

• no intravenus drips

• you don't pay medical doctors lots of money
to get your vitamin C


Concentrated liquid vitamin C MyTea Magic




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