Meet the CEO, Dr. Charles Kwang


Dr. Charles Kwang, D.C.

My mission is to help you start a good health protocol to create a better future now...

About Our Healing All Natural Vitamin Teas

Dr. Kwang's herbal and vitamin teas are the #1 VitaminTea™  Made with 100% natural ingredients
promoting good health for all ages, including babies.


Your health and Chinese Medicine Identification Systems™ have been researched and developed by Dr. Charles Kwang what his patients call "VitaminTea" now brings his brand, MyTeaMagic, Dr.Kwang's Tea, which is not just a company’s name or trademark—it is its reputation. Through shared experiences with our patients over time, a harmonious relationship is established in which values are affirmed and consistently applied at every point of contact. Like most successful relationships, an organization’s brand requires a long-term commitment with the understanding that change, in one form or another, is inevitable. He personally trains his staff to assure quality in his products.

Dr. Charles Kwang~ I have always had the need to create. I found being a Chiropractor and a Nutritionist has been the outlet for this need. I find myself always growing and learning. There is a difference between making a new vitamin infusion and creating a pure organic healing teas. All vitamin teas are pure organic, non-gmo, and gluten free.

We have our own manufacturing facility and all raw products we use to make our teas, are also grown in organic soil. I strive for the latter. Herbal solutions have been healing people for thousands of years. People have been living a better quality of life using natural remedies. I have pursued a parallel line of scientific and medical research seeking to identify the optimum nutritional vitamin teas for the human body. In my practice I provide innovative solutions based on natural solutions to chronic health problems.

My goal and passion is to create teas that give back the energy you have at your finest that will last and help bring about a healthier lifestyle. Whether you are new to taking control of your health, you are into sports activities and know about nutrition for your well being and maintenance, or health-conscious individuals, I look forward to empowering and sharing with you to create optimum health for you that stand the test of time.

When I am not working as a Chiropractor and a Nutritionist, I enjoy being a son, uncle, brother and most of all husband and creating with my work "family" staff of eight amazing people.  Working out specific exercises, videography, studying about life learning things that I can apply to bringing about a better world, and being with friends, are just a few of the many things I enjoy doing.

Here we are together surviving; why not share your greatest moments with the people you choose to spend it with. I look forward to helping you and getting to know what makes you, you.

Dr. Charles Kwang is a skilled Chinese medicine practitioner. He has conducted extensive research regarding the use of Chinese herbs to treat injuries, illness and disease.

  • Whyl the Vitamin Teas? To bring harmony  and to detox 
  • We have our own manufacturing facility and all organic products used to make our teas/juices, also grown in organic soil.
  • Favorite: To Empower Others sharing alternative healings.
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